Krivoklat Castle Loops

Welcome to the Krivoklat Castle Loops website. Here we present a system of attractive road bicycle paths with something for everyone to choose from.

Download GPX files for your navigation | Download the map of Krivoklat Castle Road Cycling Loops (PDF)

Road cycling loops are the project of building different cycling tracks of various difficulty on the quiet communications just couple minutes driving west of Prague Downtown and are located mostly in the hills of the forest in the West part of Central Bohemian Region.

Purpose of this project is to offer a suitable alternative to current MTB cycling tracks, whose route often combines riding on usual communications with terrain sections, which can cause troubles to less able-bodied, worse equipped riders and impossible for using the road bicycles. Standard are road cycling oriented European regions (Italy, France, Spain) with elaborate system of road cycling loops for recreational and hobby riders. The project was initiated and is patronized by the Prague Cycling Club (Klub cyklistů).

Křivoklátské okruhy /Krivoklat Castle Loops is a pilot project of building a system of attractive road cycling tracks of various difficulty in the Central Bohemian Region, using communications with minimum traffic but concurrently with quality surface for comfortable and possibly the safest cycling.

The area of Krivoklat Loops is defined by the international motorways E48 and E50 and longest tracks will go as far as Křivoklát/Krivoklat castle region. Main starting point is the Hostivice town, easily reachable by car from Prague and also reachable with a slight ride from underground terminal station (line B – Zličín). There are located 2 parkings – one is located close to Hostivice downtown in front of the new school and the second parking is located in the logistic area Palouky 1km before Hostivice town in front of Giant Bicycle Store.

At these starting points you can find a large–scale map of the area and description of all cycling tracks, including box with free pocket–size maps which you can take with you, basic service equipment and stands for bicycles. This place is also a „meeting point“ for cyclists who do not enjoy riding on their own.

The Prague Cycling Club was established in 2005 from the enthusiasm of the cycling public at large and companies generally concerned with the development of all forms of cycling. Since the beginning of 2012, new ambitious projects intended to contribute to the development and popularization of cycling in the capital and its vicinity have sprung to life.

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